TITANPOL 200 Pure polyester with TGIC. This product provides excellent outdoor durability and high resistance to heat.

TITAN POL 400 Polyester Powder Coating polymerized without TGIC, with excellent mechanical properties and high resistance to UV exposure. Especially developed for painting objects that are to be kept under extreme outdoor conditions.

TITANPUR An IPDI free powder designed for outdoor use. It has good mechanical properties and good resistance to chemicals and to UV light.

TITANESTER 700 Hybrids are a range of epoxy-polyesters. They are especially formulated for protection against corrosion, along with resistance performance in mechanical tests. This product is the solution to multiple demands. It can be also used as a base coat (PRIMER).

TITANEPOX These powder coatings provide very high protection to the surfaces. Long-lasting, excellent corrosion and mechanical resistance, hardness and high electrical insulation.

TITANPUR SUPERDURABLE TEXTURIZADO Coatings formulated with polyester resins especially designed to achieve excellent outdoor durability, gloss retention and resistance to colour alteration. They comply with the class II QUALICOAT standards. They are suitable for coating aluminium profiles, to be used for architectural purposes and for other surfaces, where high resistance is required. They are currently used for solar holders or road signalling materials.

Primer: It consists of a liquid part, which provides high corrosion resistance (more than 3.000 hours of exposure).

(*) Together with this product range, INDUSTRIAS TITAN S.A.U. makes available to the customer a consulting and advising service with the best professionals on the market. They are ready to prescribe the best solution for applying a powder coating system. INDUSTRIAS TITAN S.A.U. is able to manufacture any powder coating, with all the performance and features required.