TITAN Powder Coatings is a division of INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. Delivering it’s products worldwide, it has become the reference of quality in the Spanish market. It is currently present in more than 28 Quialicoat licensed coaters.

Founded in 1917 in Barcelona, INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. remains true to its aim of offering its customers a wide range of top quality and state-of-the-art products and technical solutions. INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. has evolved together with the market, working to offer support to both professional and particular users. This evolution has not neglected the respect for the environment. This is why, in recent years, INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. has set out its environmental policy to obtain increasingly eco-friendly products, from its conception to its end use. Proof of this are the several European Eco-labels and Certifications AENOR ISO 9001/2008, and ISO 14001/2004 for Environmental Achievements.

With a turnover of around 140 million euros in 2010, INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. is in a growth and ongoing research phase. It exports worldwide and is constantly investing in R&D.

In the year 2002, INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U.started producing Thermosetting Paints, with a capacity of over 7.000 tons/year and plants in Spain and Portugal. It immediately became a benchmark of quality in the international market.


The total area is 120.000 sq. meters and the production capacity is 7.000 tons per year, which are made in its plants in Spain and Portugal, that incorporate the most advanced production systems. They are the challenges of the future of INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U.


Since the beginning INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. has the tools to provide solutions to all the needs of the market and our customers. An outstanding professional team and the highest standards of quality and performance guarantee a range of products that comply with QUALIDECO, QUALICOAT and QUALISTEELCOAT.

The main objective of INDUSTRIAS TITAN, S.A.U. is to offer its customers a wide range of top quality and state-of-the-art products and technical solutions. Therefore, it participates in international forums and works on continuous improvement of products and processes, by developing specific research programs. All this has led to the compliance with the AENOR Quality Certificates ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2004 for Environmental Management.